Let family and guests watch TV while you’re cooking dinner or entertaining and then use the plasma lift to simply lower the TV when you’re through to gain more space on your kitchen table or island.

Imagine always having your favorite recipes on hand or cook along with your favorite cooking show as you watch your beautifully mounted TV lift display. Whether mounting a touch screen computer or TV screen it is there when you need it and gone from sight with the touch of a button.

The plasma lifts can be used to rise up from a surface or can be inverted to drop down from an enclosure such as an upper cabinet or ceiling. Select from the suitable products below, the correct lift for your application. All plasma lifts are available with VESA standard TV brackets.

Make your everyday life easier and more comfortable by improving accessibility to your fixtures. The cabinet lift is perfect for raising and lowering an entire cabinet or the cabinet interior up and down. Move ovens, microwaves, touch screens and shelves in order to place them out of sight or within easy reach for improved accessibility.

The cabinet lift operation is easily achieved by remote control or a simple push switch that can be conveniently mounted. The compact design of the furniture lifts allows them to fit most standard kitchen cabinets. All VENSET lifts are easy to install with “plug and play” connections and components are conveniently packaged in one carton.

Suitable Products

TS460B Plasma TV LiftTS 460B TS700A Plasma TV LiftTS700A TS750 Plasma TV LiftTS750 TS 1000A Plasma TV LiftTS1000A

Technical Specifications


TS 460B TS 700A TS 750 TS 1000A


Silver Black Black Black


Plasma TV Lift

Cabinet Lift

Plasma TV Lift

Cabinet Lift

Plasma TV Lift Plasma TV Lift

Max Screen Size
(approximate diagonal)

30″ 50″ 52″ 70″

Lift Capacity

0 – 50 kg 5 – 100 kg 5 – 100 kg 5 – 100 kg



460 mm 700 mm 750 mm 1000 mm

Adjustable Stroke

No Yes No Yes

Lid Lifter

No Yes Yes Yes

Min height

(lifter excluded)

645 mm 600 mm 865 mm 750 mm

Max height

(lifter included)

1105 mm 1300 mm 1615 mm 1750 mm

Lift width
not including fixing tabs

120 mm 250 mm 250 mm 250 mm

Lift width including fixing tabs

120 mm 286 mm 250 mm 286 mm


85 mm 72 mm 110 mm 72 mm

Lid Lifter Height Settings min – max

N/A 46 – 286 mm 50 – 230 mm 46 – 286 mm


Reverse Function

No Yes Yes Yes

Input Power

110 – 240 VAC

50 – 60 Hz

110 – 240 VAC

50 – 60 Hz

110 – 240 VAC

50 – 60 Hz

110 – 240 VAC

50 – 60 Hz

AC Plug


Manual Control Switch

Yes Yes Yes Yes

RF Remote System

Yes Yes Yes Yes

IR Remote System

Optional R119090 Optional
Optional R119090

TV Mounting Brackets

Yes Yes Yes



50 x 50

Yes No No No

75 x 75

Yes No No No

100 x 100

Yes Yes No No

100 x 200

Yes only with MB460 mounted No No No

200 x 100

No Yes Yes Yes

200 x 200

Yes only with MB460 mounted Yes Yes Yes

300 x 300

No Yes Yes Yes

400 x 100

No Yes Yes Yes

400 x 200

No Yes Yes Yes

400 x 300

No Yes No No

400 x 400

No No Yes Yes

600 x 100

No No Yes Yes

600 x 200

No No Yes Yes

600 x 400

No No Yes Yes