The Venset TS2000C Lift is a synchronised, triple actuator electric tv lift kit which includes all necessary accessories out of the box.

The Venset TS2000C is able to lift screens an incredible 2000mm high, using synchronised electronics to provide a large scale TV lift.

By using a synchronised lift kit, not only can the load of the large and wide format touch screens are able to be spread more evenly across a wider area, ensuring the installation is safe, secure and durable, but the height is able to be extended to an incredible 2m.

Venset TV lifts are sold as a component, the decision for suitability lays with the final product manufacturer or installer. Venset suggest that due consideration is always given to the TV height and weight combination and the total lift extension.  The final design of any use will have to be properly safety assessed and certified by the customer before use.

The application for such electric TV mounts are seen where screens are used in commercial environments for portable presentations.  Often the application involves mounting onto sub frames contained within flight cases for example, with the purpose of demonstrating or presenting at an impromptu environment.

The stroke can be adjusted to limit the highest and lowest positions for a perfect installation and if using smaller screens.

Example 1
A 40” TV weighing 55kg may be suitable to use the full lift extension of 2000mm whereas a 65” TV of 48kg could create too much lateral flex. 
Example 2
A 65” TV of 48kg may be suitable if the lifts stroke is equally set up at 750mm + 750mm to give a total maximum lift height of 1500mm.
Venset recommend not to exceed a TV dimension with an overall height greater than 850mm (65” TV screen) – always err on the side of caution depending on the safety circumstances and screen rigidity requirements of your individual installation.

Mount brackets including 600 x 400 and 400 x 400 VESA patterns are included, see specification.

RF remote control and cabinet switch are included for building into furniture.


Technical specification

Colour Black
Application Flight Case
Places of Worship
Max Screen Size
(approximate diagonal)
Lift Capacity 65kg


Stroke 2000mm
Adjustable Stroke Yes
(mm/sec unloaded)
Lid Lifter Yes
Min height
(lifter excluded)
Max height
(lifter excluded)
Lift width
(not including fixing tabs)
Lift width
(including fixing tabs)
Depth 72mm
Lid Lifter Height Settings
(min - max)

Power options

Reverse Function No
Input Power 110 – 240 VAC 50 – 60 Hz
Manual Control Switch Yes
RF Remote System Yes
IR Remote System No


Mount Brackets Required Included
Compatible with 200 x 100
200 x 200
300 x 300
400 x 100
400 x 200
400 x 400
600 x 100
600 x 200
600 x 400



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